Welcome to the Anthropocene

Rolf Coppens
May 8th 2012

Watch human and urban life evolve in this 3-minute journey through the last 250 years of our history, starting at the beginning of the Industrial Revolution.

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Posted 08/05/2012 – 21:12

It has to be watched along with the narrated version. It says the Industrial Revolution started in England then spread elsewhere.

Allison Guy
Posted 08/05/2012 – 14:38

It looks this video overlaid current telecommunications networks on a three-dimensional model, rather than showing historical development. It is strange the way that it suggests everything originated in England.

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 08/05/2012 – 12:13

Nice video. I think welcome to the Noosphere would be a better title as it depicts the new sphere on earth caused by human mind and activity.

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