Further Incredibly Shrinking Man

Van Mensvoort
June 10th 2012

At the last Next Nature Power Show, artist Arne Hendriks gave a lustrous talk on the possibilities of downsizing humanity to better fit the earth.

Last week Arne gave a longer talk on the same topic at TEDxBrainport. Interestingly enough in this new talk Arne not only promotes shrinking humanity as a means to avoid all kinds of overpopulation related disasters, but also adds a positive reason to his argument: shrinking humans could be a way to realize the long dream of human powered flight.

The crucial question: if human eugenics ever becomes acceptable should it be employed strictly to avoid disasters or also to realize human dreams? If we choose for the latter, why not add some wings? Anything is possible, as long as we avoid a situation in which humans don't recognize each other as humans anymore.

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Allison Guy
Posted 12/06/2012 – 17:45

I think Veritas is missing the point - this is a thought experiment (or a work of art, you decide) that is intended to get us thinking in creative ways about solving the global environmental crisis. I'm guessing Veritas is somehow equating Hendriks' thoughtful and funny attempt to improve life on earth for all humans with the Nazi policy of social Darwinism. The two could not be further apart. But sure, let's wish death on Koert. Eugenics is murder, but wanting to kill the author of a blog post somehow is not.

Libertas Victoria
Posted 12/06/2012 – 06:17

Koert Van, you make me sick. You and your Agenda 21 propoganda. If you really support eugenics then why not just end your life now, and save the planet. SCUM.

Veritas Libertas
Posted 12/06/2012 – 06:15


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