Next Nature Spotting Contest
July 5th 2012

Join us in spotting Next Nature phenomena around the World. Download the free Next Nature Spotter app for iPhone in the iTunes store, and start recording examples of next natural phenomena from your everyday life. Explore the grocery store, the freeway, even your own home in a new light.

The Spotter lets you share and comment on other next nature examples in your neighborhood. It also features a handy blog reader function.

The best spotter is awarded with a free copy of the Next Nature book, and the winning entry will be published on our blog. Better get snapping, though – the last day to submit entries for this round is August 30.

Share your thoughts and join the technology debate!public: 1


Posted 19/08/2012 – 12:47

me too want Android app! (-:

Koert van Mensvoort
Posted 13/04/2012 – 00:55

@Wouter, @bob, You are right, we are such elitist with our expensive iPhones. Sorry about that.
I am not happy that we are now latently promoting the apple digital ecology. It would be wonderful to transport the app to android platform. If you happen to know a skilled programmer/nextnature believer who can do the job: do let us know!

Posted 12/04/2012 – 22:51

Where is for my Android ap?!

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