Jewels from the Ocean

Van Mensvoort
August 5th 2012

Designer and former fashion model Barbara de Vries was cleaning plastic litter off her favorite beach in the Bahamas, when she noticed the plastic fragments were all uniquely tinted and molded after years tumbling in the ocean.  The beauty of the litter inspired her to create a jewelery collection. Diamonds plastics are forever!

Orange Cross Neck Piece. Made from a very old large orange crate encrusted with salt, sand, seaweed, and coral.

Black Weave Necklace. Made from a segment of black grid that was tumbled inside sea-weed found on a pink sand beach.

Jerry can Top Bracelet. Made from three found objects held together by nylon fishing rope and clear plastic tubing.

White Plastic and Gold Charm Necklace. Small pieces of unique white plastic, weathered and shaped by the ocean, exactly as found on the beaches of the Bahamas.

Turquoise Grid Neck Piece. Made from a turquoise blue crate that was tumbled and washed up on a Bahamian Beach after years in the ocean. The salt patina gives the plastic an appearance of stone.

Yellow Screw-top Earrings Made from a corroded yellow bottle top found wedged between two rocks in the Atlantic surf.

Chunky Charm Necklace.  Collected from different beaches these grey plastic charms have been tumbled by the ocean to resemble little stones.

Laundry Basket Turquoise Bracelet. Made from a broken up laundry basket found in washed up seaweed.

Patina Cross Necklace. Made from the reinforced corner of plastic crate found on an Atlantic Beach.

Aquamarine Wrap-around Bracelet. Made from bright blue weathered, washed and sanded pieces of sea plastic.

Thanks Peter Sijmonds.

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