Where Games are Made

Rolf Coppens
August 20th 2012

For his Made of Myth series, Marc Da Cunha Lopes goes back to the places where the elements of great game classics were made. You really didn't think it was all virtual, right? Above: the gold rings from Sonic.

The blocks for Tetris

A Super Mario mushroom.

And the classic Pong.

Photography : Marc Da Cunha Lopes - Touching up : Christophe & Graziella @ Asile - 3D : Ben @ Asile.
Via amusement.fr

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Posted 30/06/2010 – 02:22


Should men be able to give birth to children?

Koert van Mensvoort: Is the artificial womb frankenstein-like symbol of (male) engineers trying to steal the magical womb from women? Or… is it a feminist project and needed to reach through equality between the sexes? I personally lean towards the latter. To me it feels like progress if a girl can tell a guy to carry the womb for a change.

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