Nano Product: Energy Belt
October 1st 2012

With Energy Belt, stop treating your excess fat like a liability, and instead embrace its untapped potential. Artificial protocells in the belt mimic natural  brown fat, taking the energy from white fat and converting it into ATP. This chemical energy can be used to power everything from cell phones to pacemakers. Eat what you want at dinner, and give up that gym membership for good. Energy Belt cuts down on electricity costs while you cut down on size.

From the NANO Supermarket product collection. Designer: Emmy van Roosmalen. Enabling technology: Nano transporters, metabolic engineering. Feasibility: Medium.

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Posted 24/11/2013 – 09:00


Posted 23/01/2013 – 10:35

I saw iron man using one of those

Posted 13/01/2013 – 19:57

This is fantastic. I'd buy one for sure. its a lot easier sounding than using a bicycle and generator. could you run your laptop? or a tablet? awesome idea. just outstanding!

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