Transfer Your Window!

Jaap Arts
November 3rd 2012

Did you ever get annoyed about the same view you got by looking out of your window? Transferable windows will be the solution! Imagine you buy a special kind of window which you can place on your wall wherever you want, enabling you to get different views, not always looking at the same tree or house of your neighbors.

Humans have been building houses for thousands of years, protecting themselves against the environment and for getting some form of privacy. Meanwhile, people don’t want to get the feeling being imprisoned and therefore they invented the window. But since windows can’t move, you always get the same view of the environment around you.

The technology considering invisibility maybe could make it possible to make a piece of a wall invisible, creating a special kind of window. Invisibility and related things like an invisibility cloak have always been related to science fiction, not being considered natural or possible in reality. But technologies centering around invisibility have developed in a breathtaking pace and nowadays invisibility doesn’t seem to be impossible anymore. Scientists say an invisibility cloak is just the beginning and much more applications could become possible in the near future.

Think of a window which you can place anywhere on your wall, enabling you to switch on invisibility and just look through that piece of wall which is covered by the window.

Transferring windows and even making complete walls transparent has always been possible in the popular game “The Sims”. It looks like it won’t take long before this concept is transferred back to our real lives. You will be able to live in a “Sims House”, just put on the invisibility mode and transfer your window!

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