Control Your Environment with Myo

Alice Fumey
March 30th 2013

In same spirit of Kinect and other movement detectors, the Canadian firm Thalmic Labs recently presented Myo, a high-tech armband able to interpret musclular contractions. Myo changes your hand into a computer mouse: Raise your hand and make the web page change, or remotely manipulate a robot or drone. The device turns the world into a giant touch-sensitive screen, without actually needing to touch anything.

Myo might seem like magic, but it uses an old technology that has been used in electromyography to control the muscle and nerve activity in patients. In addition to a basic Bluetooth connection, this technology allows Myo to foresee arm movements by a tiny fraction of a second. This amazing device will be available by the end of the year for a quite reasonable price – around $115. So, if you want to feel like the mutant Magneto, it's already possible!

Via Futura-Sciences.

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Josh V
Posted 01/04/2013 – 18:33

holy crap that's amazing! and I thought the Kinekt was going to revolutionize things, this has way more universal application. I really hope it works as well as this ad indicates.

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