Our Image of Nature is Naïve

Van Mensvoort
April 2nd 2013

A while ago I tried to make a landscape paintings as seen on the Bob Ross television show, yet thing turned out a little bit different in my wilderness.

Nature is perhaps the most successful product of our times. Despite the many initiatives to ‘save’ nature or to ‘restore’ our balance with it, the basic question, "what is nature?" is rarely asked. Stroll in nature on a Sunday or watch it in HD on your flat screen 3D TV. We need to indulge in illusions, but is this the role of nature?

If we continue to treat nature as a spectacle, certainly we will fail to properly deal with urgent issues such as global warming, massive deforestation or the loss of biodiversity. Unspoilt nature is almost nowhere to be found nowadays. At the same time, our technological environment is so complex, pervasive and autonomous, that it’s becoming a new kind of ‘natural’ hazard.

This Wednesday 3rd April 19:30-21:00, Next Nature lecture on Our naive view of Nature at Hôtel Droog in Amsterdam. Free Entrance. RSVP: info@hoteldroog.com. There will also be a launch of the new issue of Volume Magazine on the same topic.

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