Are We Seeing the Same Thing?

Stephen Perry
June 14th 2013

A fundamental philosophical question, how do we know my blue isn't your yellow? The current human and "natural" understanding of color is fundamentally based on a misunderstanding, a misunderstanding which has been explored by the team at Vsauce in their YouTube video here.

Maybe one day our misconceptions about color will change, inventing and expressing something new, or through use of technology we could create a uniform and correct perception.

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Van Mensvoort
Posted 14/06/2013 – 16:26

Could someone enlighten me on how this story relates to next nature? It is a nice story, but the connection to our research endeavors seems very remote.

What is your view on the coronavirus?

Ine Geevers: #YesNaturally was about co-evolution and partnership. How to become friends with o.a. bacteria, microbes and viruses. Because yes, they can be deadly and vital at the same time.

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