Demo Day at Next Nature Lab

Alessia Andreotti
June 8th 2013

Last week the young and promising designers of the Next Nature lab from the Industrial Design Department at the Eindhoven University of Technology presented their end of semester works in an internal demo day.

There are over seventy students and ten coaches participating the next nature lab. Projects range from lifesaving video game, to home-cultivate pasta, to beverages cooler bottle, to custom-made clothing, to self-diagnosis contact lens. Some snapshots.

Boxpresso by Alex. A coffee machine that changes along with humans mood. Are you angry? Punch it and you'll get a strong coffee!

The Healing Game by Martijn. Players swallows an intelligent pill and control it to destroy illness inside the body.

Catad'or by Dorothé. When the cutlery touch a food containing an allergen they reacts like the human skin.

Smart Textiles that visualize what happens in your body. By Bas.

Austrian TV crew interviews designers

Openness to the Otherness of the Other by Aylin. Globally produced custom-made clothing: a system that connects the producer and the costumer.

InstaCool by Anoeshka and Caroline. A bottle cap that enables users to cool their beverages and raises the awareness of energy use.

Wild Robots: Urby by Jurjen, Camiel and Amber. An urban independent bot that survives and grows by collecting garbage.

PastaMarine by Imma. A high protein pasta made from bacteria that everyone can cultivate at home.

Idio by Chloé. A self-diagnosis lens based on iridology: it absorbs the defect signs of the iris.

Nano Cheese by Xinyi. A cheese for lactose intolerant: its bacteria skin digests and eliminates lactose.

The human 2.0 team with their body copies

Scential by Sam, Dasha, Olga and Jonne. A nose-shot of Scential helps to improve qualities and performance, a fragrance for any circumstance!

Nano Currency by Stijn. Bank notes that change depending on who you are, what you are buying and what store are you in.

Flip wearing an enhanced reality spectacle from the human 2.0 team

More individual and detailed projects are coming soon on the blog. Report and photos by Alessia Andreotti and Francesca Barchiesi.

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Posted 28/06/2013 – 21:19

Incredibile the future in now!

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