I’ll Take A Variety of Fried Gadgets, Please

Alessia Andreotti
July 30th 2013

American photographer Henry Hargreaves inspects humans’ relationship with nutrition and global consumption. The result is the Deep Fried Gadgets project, a series of photos showing technological devices covered in batter and fried: a mobile phone, a tablet, an mp3, a laptop and even a Gameboy.

These images make us think about the fact that our consumption of electronic tools has something in common with the concept of fast food.

When the latest piece of technology comes out we feel the urge to have it; we become convinced that we need it. It’s an obsession that leads us to buy a new gadget, devour it and digest it when we find a better option.

We handle our everyday products just like food: we require both to be present in our lives. Whether or not they're actually essential for our survival doesn’t matter, we still can’t do without them.

This peculiar attitude of 21st century society is well reflected by Deep Fried Gadgets, except for one thing: they are not real electronics, but reproductions. The author recreated the devices photographing them and applying the images on polystyrene and plastic foam supports. It’s Fake-for-Real, another characteristic of our society.

Deep_Fried_Gadgets_2 Deep_Fried_Gadgets_3 Deep_Fried_Gadgets_5 Deep_Fried_Gadgets_4

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