Smart Sock Makes Your Feet Speak

Alessia Andreotti
July 18th 2013

Can a sock be smart? The sock Sensoria is made of a fabric filled with nano-sensors able to detect and communicate foot conditions, posture, and kilometers walked.

The data transmitted by the sock can be used to correct bad habits while doing sports, including foot position, rhythm and stride. This information is stored in an anklet and transmitted to a mobile phone or computer, and available through a feedback voice message and a mobile app.

The Sensoria designers, three Italian founders of the Heapsylon start-up, decided to focus on the human foot because it's constantly under pressure and underserved by technology innovation. This wearable technology can be inserted in clothing other than socks, letting us learn more and more about our body's processes. The development of the project has been possible thanks to crowdfounding on Indiegogo.

A high-tech runner might want to match Sensoria with the Nano Jacket and Google Shoes.

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I do not agree, look at:
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