The Talking Window: a New Audio Medium

Alessia Andreotti
September 16th 2013

The streets of marketing are endless, and sometimes intrusive. The latest space to be taken over by advertising is the train window. The broadcast company Sky is experimenting with this medium to advertise its products on German public transportation.

The Talking Window takes advantage of passengers' weariness. When tired commuters rest their heads against windows, their brains are bombarded with messages that none else can hear. No, it's not a dream or an hallucination, it's just advertising!

This media innovation is made possible by a transmitter attached to the window sending out inaudible high frequency vibrations, which the brain translates into sound. The technology is called bone conduction, which has so far only been used by deaf people and the military.

We already live surrounded by advertising slogans, jingles and images. Was it necessary to deny commuters their nap?

Source: Daily Mail

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