Care for a Meat Flower Amuse?

Van Mensvoort
October 30th 2013

While vegetarian food products typically mimic existing meat products, the meat flower reverses this principle: In vitro technology is used to grow meat in the shape of a flower.

The Meat Flower is illustrative for the diminishing of borders between 'meat' and 'vegetarian' due to emerging technology: although the cultured meat is grown from animal cells, no animals are hurt and injured in the process.

While it is tempting to believe the in-vitro meat technology will be employed merely to mimic existing meat products, we must move beyond creating horseless carriages and explore the creative potential of the technology in its own right.

With the meat flower, molecular cooking goes figurative. The hypernatural sweet-savory amuse is served sushi style and consumed leaf by leaf using chopsticks.

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Posted 02/11/2013 – 05:12

"no animals are hurt and injured in the process."
This statement is quite questionable. It suggest that the animals can either be hurt or injured but never both. If the the case is that they are neither hurt nor injured, then "or" would be more appropriate than "and".

Posted 31/10/2013 – 00:13

the funny part is that, at least where I live, "meat flower" is an euphemism for the female genitalia :D

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