Jason Silva and the Dawn of Nanotech

Alessia Andreotti
December 19th 2013

Performance philosopher Jason Silva has inaugurated a powerful new series on AOL called The Future Of Us, with new videos weekly. In this series, Silva shares his excitement about recent discoveries and inventions, describing how they'll help us today but, more importantly, how they'll impact our near and distant future. One episode, The Dawn of Nanotechnology, gives us a glimpse of a new world of unbounded imagination. We know a thing or two about that!

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Posted 22/12/2013 – 16:44

But why is Jason Silva such an hysterical actor ?

Posted 19/12/2013 – 17:19

Could then nuclear waste or radiation fallout be potentially "cleaned" using nano tchnology? I see a world of what might appear to be wizards dueling changing the harmful matter as it comes to them and changing it to something not harmful.

Should men be able to give birth to children?

Koert van Mensvoort: Is the artificial womb frankenstein-like symbol of (male) engineers trying to steal the magical womb from women? Or… is it a feminist project and needed to reach through equality between the sexes? I personally lean towards the latter. To me it feels like progress if a girl can tell a guy to carry the womb for a change.

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