Transfer a Loving Tap Via Bluetooth

Alessia Andreotti
December 4th 2013

Now that technology erases distance and increases the possibilities of communication, telling your loved one that you are thinking about him or her has become as easy as touching a bracelet on your wrist. The device, called TapTap, designed by American company Woodenshark, is a plastic bracelet able to transfer touch between two people. A pair of TapTap wristbands are remotely connected to each other: when someone tap his bracelet, the other one vibrates. The technology works with a Smartphone app that uses a Bluetooth connection.

We have traveled quite a distance in making our digital communications more personal and concrete through visual means, for instance with photo sharing and video chat. Emulating touch seems to be the next step in humanizing our long-distance interactions. This tool can turn the wearable into a new gesture-based user interface. By translating a user's tap into a vibration, it makes this sort of Morse code the new language of love.

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