Robots Are Not Supposed To Think

Van Mensvoort
March 24th 2014

I think therefore I am a malfunctioning robot? This gloomy seven minute video by David Cage may evoke feelings of Anthropomorphobia.

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Post motherhood
Posted 07/05/2014 – 22:25

I would not label this as "gloomy" - I was left with optimism after viewing. Optimism that "Kara" would lead her cohort into novel and unexpected behaviors that serve the biosphere - not harm it.

Van Mensvoort
Posted 29/03/2014 – 19:49

Forgive me Jurrian, I am the first one to admit that my blogging is processed through a long, busy pipeline and often totally leaps behind on current events. For quick effects, please write your own blogpost. :-)

Posted 29/03/2014 – 16:47

He Koert, had ik deze video nooit laten zien? Die staat al minstens twee jaar op mn computer.

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