BAT Flies High in the Sky to Make Energy

Francesca Barchiesi
April 19th 2014

BAT floats high in the sky to generate power from the wind and bring energy to the ground. Buoyant Airborne Turbine is an enormous, inflatable circular balloon, filled with helium and able to float up to 600 meters.

"In high altitude winds there is enough energy to power civilization 100 times over." That's why the American company Altaeros Energies thought to put a turbine in the sky, where winds are strong and constant, so that it could produce twice the energy of similarly ground wind turbines.

The technology is able to bring low cost energy to remote areas, insular communities, off-grid industries and disaster relief, but can also be equipped with cellular transceivers, meteorological devices providing cell service and local weather datas.

The flying BAT is then attached to a ground station by tethers, keeping it steady and sending the electricity back to the ground. Once in place it does not even require on-site personnel however can be monitored remotely, with periodic maintenance checks.

No cranes or underground foundations are needed, the Altaeros BAT is shipped in two standard containers and can be installed and producing power in under twenty-four hours!

The highest wind turbine ever idealized will be tested for the first time for 18 months over the area of Fairbanks in Alaska.

Good luck flying shark!




Buoyant Airborne Turbine3-1550x378


Source: The New York Times

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Posted 21/04/2014 – 11:49

there is a world wide shortage of Helium .
Disneyland in some cases aren't doing balloons because of this shortage.

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