We Are Weaker Than Our Ancestors

Alessia Andreotti
May 21st 2014

Researchers confirm that modern society technologies and comforts caused the decline of our overall strength.
We don’t need science to realize our lifestyle is sedentary and not active enough. What we didn't know is that, compared to our ancestors, our body became weaker and less fit than it used to be 7.000 years ago.

According to recent studies, human fitness has decreased so significantly in the last years that even the strongest sportsperson would consider ancient men to have a supernatural force.

“Even our most highly trained athletes pale in comparison to these ancestors of ours. We’re certainly weaker than we used to be” explains Dr. Colin Shaw from Cambridge University. “We have an overabundance of nutrition and we train better, but we’re overweight and we’re not challenging our bodies like we used to.”

Of course we do much, much less than our ancestors: our savanna is the supermarket and our working environment is the office.

Physical activity decrease and bone strength decline reflect on our skeletons, leading to osteoporosis, obesity, and other problems and diseases.
A solution could be working out like our ancestors. Hanging from a tree branch, throwing and catching cobblestones, barefoot climbing; the exercise of the future could be Paleolithic fitness!

Source: Outside

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