Travel By Drone

Lotte Biesheuvel
June 24th 2014

Summer holiday season is almost here! Luckiest people might have already booked their vacation to a lovely chalet in France, a beach hotel in Spain, an amazing adventure in Asia or a chilled out week at a camping in Vinkeveen.

But for those less fortunate, without holidays, money or time, don't be sad, you can always Travel By Drone!

Take a day off to explore the world by drones, and discover not only Asia but also South-America, Europe, Australia and every other place you'd like to see all in one day. And the best thing is that you can see the whole world from a bird view perspective. So, if you want, you can soar over Beijing and Rio de Janeiro on the same day.

The website works with a map of the world and pinpoints, each icon is a video of that certain place. On the left you can see the latest uploaded videos. The videos differ in quality though, because everybody can upload them from youtube.
It seems like everybody can travel amazing places this summer!

Find more destinations at Travel by Drone

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