High-Tech Cemetery

Alessia Andreotti
November 19th 2014

Japanese people use to turn to technology for solutions to many of the issues of life, and now death too.

In Japan, a crowded country with a fast-ageing society, there is a shortage of final resting places, especially in the big cities. With a population expected to shrink by nearly 30 million people over the next 50 years, the funerals and graves market is very alive. The Ruriden cemetery, in Tokyo, is a hi-tech solution - multi-storey graveyards.

In this modern memorial building over 2.000 Buddhas statues are illuminated by high-powered color changing LED lights. Visitors are given an electronic card that is touch activated to then specially light up the grave stone of their loved ones, among the thousands fo Buddhas. A bright afterlife indeed!

japan-end-of-life-seminars japan
Source: Reuters
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