Making the Skin your New Touchscreen

Alessia Andreotti
December 4th 2014

Wearable technology is popping up everywhere, Google Glass, smartwatches, talking shoes; electronic devices become more and more an extension of the human body. French company Cicret is working to turn the skin into the interface. They are developing Cicret Bracelet, a tool that could turn the arm into a touch screen display.

The gadget could project a smartphone display over the wrist and detect touch input. You then would be able to interact with the projected display as if it was your phone or tablet actual screen, thanks to a picoprojector and eight proximity sensors built into the bracelet. The bracelet own processor will analyze the input and send it back to the device.

It would be interesting to use the smartphone while the device itself sits somewhere else, but the concept is still under construction for now. Even though a question arises: will the Cicret Bracelet spread a new skin pathology caused by too much scrolling and clicking on the arm?

Source Technabob

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