Changing your Mood on Demand with Brain-Altering Wearable Technology

Alessia Andreotti
January 22nd 2015

Thync, is a new brain-altering wearable technology that promises to “shift your state of mind and conquer life” by allowing its users to change their mood whenever they want.

Using neurosignaling, it induces on-demand shifts in energy, calm, or focus. Thync’s technology involves calculated stimulation applied through electricity, via contact electrodes placed along the orbital ridge and the base of the neck, of cranial nerves.

The idea of a tool able to keep us in a positive and confident state, free of all doubts and fears, is very appealing. But what would a word in which we all wear little headbands that would give us energy and focus look like?

Thync’s cofounders, CEO Isy Goldwasser explains: “We can come up with a lot of scenarios, but we guide all our research by the goal of building products that allow people to do something positive for themselves. If it’s useful and beneficial, we develop it. If it’s unethical or dangerous, we don’t. You want to get focused, sleep more, socialize better, destress in a safe way? We’re here to help. If there’s a grey zone, we won’t go there”.

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