Designing Cars with Synthetic Biology

Louise Huyghebaert
February 28th 2015

In this video, designer and artist Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg explains how design could have impact on science and how synthetic biology inspires her for designing the cars of the future, made from biological materials.

“It opens up a lot of questions if our fiction actually influences science. And if that is the case, what kind of fiction should we be designing? Can we actually challenge the things that science makes; help innovate in a different way?” Ginsberg asks.

Some of the examples she provides show how releasing synthetic biologic things could change a lot. Releasing redefined species can maybe help the soil being less acid. Mushrooms could make trees with diseases healthy again, because they pump serum into the tree and a seed dispersal could replace extinct mammals in a biological chain. Each of these units that could be released would help preserve nature.

"I'm working with synthetic biologists at Imperial College London, thinking about a synthetic biological car" Ginsberg says. "The exciting part for me is how the material of a MINI might change in a synthetic biological future and how that might change the way we interact and own a car. Does it start to take on design principles that are more like biology, more like evolution, with diversity and mutation?"

Source: Dezeen
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