Turning Cockroaches into Rescue Robots

Yunus Emre Duyar
March 30th 2015

Certain natural disasters such as earthquakes and Tsunamis often trap high numbers of people under unstable rubble, making search-and-rescue operations very difficult. Cyborg cockroaches might be of critical help for these disasters.

North Caroline State University carried out a study in 2012, where researchers attached electrodes to the antennae of Madagascar hissing cockroaches to steer them. Currently, the team is working on tiny backpacks attached to the back of cockroaches, to transform these critters into moving networks of sensors.

Cyborg cockroaches will soon be tested at mock disaster sites in order to analyze their abilities in picking up calls for help.

The system works likes this: cockroaches' bodies are attached to a 3D-printed mount, which houses electrodes, a two-way radio, a microphone and a lithium-polymer battery. Cockroaches are guided using the radio system and the electrodes attached to their antennae. Then, the microphone picks up SOS calls and transfers them to the base using the two-way radio system.

Cyborg cockroaches are expected to be useful for search-and-rescue operations, where time is of primary importance and it is dangerous to use human rescue teams under unstable rubble.

Story and image via Popular Science

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what attracts cockroaches
Posted 12/04/2015 – 06:58

"Equally important as disease carriers are flies and roaches" -- this quotation from a 1952 U.
So to kill the roaches, you have to spray
in those areas as well, or you can sea them off with putty.
However there are other natural methods as well that you can use tto get rid
of these pests.

Posted 09/04/2015 – 23:04

German cockroaches can survive only 12 days with food but no water.
Billy the Exterminator shows Mike Roe how to gget rid of roaches.
Given the fact that the pests are already at large, a pest control company will.

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