Analogue vs Digital Memory Game
April 2nd 2015

You cannot imagine living without your smartphone, laptop, tablet or Internet? You think vinyl is cool because it’s retro? You presume there is no difference between a handwritten love letter and a Whatsapp message? Think again, digital native!
If you were born after the general introduction of digital technology you were too young to experience the revolutionary transition from analogue to digital. But for people of the analogue generation, the digital has been a shock .

The new Analogue vs Digital Memory Game explores the different ways of seeing, thinking and experiencing across the digital divide. Play with the 30 pairs of images and discover the multifaceted relationship between the digital!

This memory game makes players of all ages aware of how the two spheres - digital and physical - have evolved and changed our lives. Guaranteed great fun to play and you may also learn a few surprising facts about digitalization and how the physical world is fighting back.

Your task, as usual, is to find the matching images. For instance: a newspaper and its online version on a tablet screen; a payphones and an iPhone (look at the evoking design!); the Google maps icon on screen and as a physical object on the street; a carrier pigeon and the Twitter bird; a physical thumbs up and the Facebook like-icon; atoms and bits, both basic parts of matter.

cardsThe Analogue vs Digital Memory Game can now be purchased at our webstore.
A simpler version of the game (with 16 random cards) can also be played online.

Produced by MOTI Museum of the Image and Next Nature Network.

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