Death Threat by a Twitter Bot

Louise Huyghebaert
May 19th 2015

What would your reaction be if the police shows up on your doorstep, telling you that you posted a death threat on Twitter but you actually didn't write that yourself?

Dutch developer Jeffrey van der Goot got questioned by the police after one of his Twitter accounts released a tweet containing a death threat. The message has been written by a bot that used previous tweets and tried to combine them into new sentences. It was also using content to reply to another account, which appeared to be a bot too. This may be the first time police had to respond because of a robot-on-robot threat of violence. Folks, you need to train your bots well!

Twitter bot 1 Twitter bot 2 Twitter bot 3 Twitter bot 4 Twitter bot 5 twitter bot 6 Twitter bot 7Source: Fusion

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