Flights Delayed Due to iPad Crash

Yunus Emre Duyar
May 1st 2015

Do you ever feel you cannot function during the day without your tablet? Apparently, also American Airlines pilots cannot do without their iPads. The airline company has been using iPads instead of paper reference books for several years now. However, a recent system failure revealed a weakness in the company's policy. Dozens of flights were grounded as pilots' iPads crashed.

It was reported that several iPads used by pilots to receive flight plans had system failures as planes were getting ready to take-off. The devices screens went black for both pilots and co-pilots, and some flight had to return to the gate in order to establish a Wifi connection to fix the problem. American Airlines stated that the failure was due to a problem with the software application.

It still remains unknown whether the issue has been resolved properly, but the story is - once again - an illustration of our dependency on technology and our intimate relationship with it.

Source: Gizmodo

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Posted 05/05/2015 – 11:49

Same thing could happen with paper. Sheets get lost. In the past, there probably were some delays due to missing papers. Same problem as far as I'm concerned.

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