Holiday in a Bird’s Nest

Alessia Andreotti
May 12th 2015

Located in Harads, Sweden, the Treehotel shows how modern design can interact beautifully with its natural surroundings. This hotel offers six environmentally friendly unique guestrooms built into the woods and suspended above the ground. One of them is the Bird’s Nest room, designed to mimic a bird's nest indeed.

The feeling of being free as a bird, perch on trees and soar high in the sky has fascinated mankind throughout the ages. The same desire might have inspired Swedish designers at Inrednin Gsgruppen, the minds behind the Bird’s Nest project.

The exterior of the room is constructed with branches, sticks and twigs intertwined to create the look and feel of a real bird nest. Supported by existing trees, the giant nest gives becomes part of the surroundings. The interior, on the other hand, is modern and minimalistic. Inside there is enough space for a couple and two children, with two bedrooms, a bathroom and a living area.

“The exterior of the Bird’s Nest is nothing but, just that, a giant bird’s nest. It provides a camouflage allowing you to quickly disappear and become part of the surroundings” Treehotel owner Kent Lindvall says.

The idea of spending your next outdoors vacation in a nest deep in the forest and nestled in treetops, with spectacular views of towering pines and a star-filled sky sounds marvelous? Perhaps. But the price to experience what it feels like to live as a bird is not cheap: 500 Euro per night per two people.

900_birds_nest_exterior_2atreehotel-birds-nest-interior1 treehotel-birds-nest-interior2Source: Daily Mail

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