Musical Journey Through the Human Body

Alessia Andreotti
June 3rd 2015

If you want to take a journey through your body and experience the sound of your blood flow, there's an app for that! De Motu is an interactive music app that enables the users to follow their blood as it circulates through the organs, letting them experience the human anatomy through music and influence the sound with their own body.

The app main menu features four organs, brain, heart, lungs and kidneys into which the user can zoom in and discover four interactive songs. Both age and sex of the user can be adjusted in the app and will heavily influence the sound.

De Motu includes graphics, sounds and animations where "the boundary between anatomy and fantasy becomes blurred" as the app website claims.

The name of this app reminds of ‘De motu sanguinis’, the first medical book about human blood circulation written by the British physician William Harvey in the 16th century. He was the first to reveal that blood flows in a circle and therefore acted as a pioneer of todays science-based medicine. However, Harvey's conclusions were still heavily influenced by myth and religion. More than 500 years later, blood and its flow are still a myth, as all functions and components have not been revealed yet. This is where De Motu aims to comes into play.

The developers - a group of students from Filmacademy Baden-Wuerttemberg and Music academy Trossingen in Germany - emphasize the fact that the interactions are based on true physiological and medical parameters. Music tracks contain recordings from medical diagnostic devices, like sonography of the blood vessels. In this way De Motu connects knowledge about the human body with a playful and easily accessible atmosphere.

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