Digital Aquarium Powered by Real Fish

Alessia Andreotti
July 14th 2015

The fish swimming in this aquarium are unaware part of the Flowers and Fish art installation by Japanese digital studio teamLab. The exhibition works in accordance with the movements of the aquatic creatures, when the fish in the tank swim across the projected images of flowers, the flowers scatter into a burst of petals.

A digital garden projected on stingrays and fish. “Projected flowers bloom as far as the eye can see on Enoshima Aquarium’s Big Sagami Bay Tank, turning the entire space into an art installation. The projected images provide their own soft light that illuminates the space in place of the usual lighting. The images in this installation are not recorded in advance and replayed; they respond to the movement of the fish, forever changing their appearance” the teamLab group writes.

Flowers and Fish will be on display at Enoshima Aquarium, Japan, from July 18 through December 25, 2015.

Source: The Creators Project

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