Instageneration: Kids Named after App Filters

Margherita Olivo
November 30th 2015

In this technological era we have different models and customs. We used to be inspired by literature, nature and cultural traditions to name our children, but now this trend is shifting. According to the website among he most popular names of 2015 we can find Instagram filters. The most popular is Lux (75%), followed by Ludwig (42%), Juno (30%), and so on. This is the first time that technology breaks as an inspiration for names.

The parenting site gathered data from more than 340.000 couples all around the globe. This data is considered unofficial by the U.S. Social Security Administration, that announces the official list to be out in early 2016.

These names were somehow already present in the American culture, but they were not as successful as these days. Their sudden boom is obviously strictly linked to the enormous fame achieved by Instagram.

Parents one day will have the unusual and difficult task to explain the reason for their choice. Will they be honest and admit they named their baby after the latest cooler selfie filter?

Source: BabycenterImage: Shutterstock

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