First Testings of Google’s Project Loon Announced

Margherita Olivo
November 9th 2015

Project Loon, the plan launched by Google two years ago to bring the Internet in remote areas of the globe through balloons, could be operative in India and Indonesia soon, according to the Wall Street Journal. We already presented the project a few years ago when Google announced it, but recently they revealed their intention to provide internet connection in Indonesia thanks to Project Loon.

Their aim is to connect more than 100 million people in a cheap, new and sustainable way, in a territory where only one person on three is able to profit of a network.

The next step seems to be India, where only 18% of the population (it is the second-most populous country in the World with over 1.2 billion people) has access to the Internet, according to the World Bank.

Facebook has a similar initiative,, to bring connections to disadvantaged areas where it can be used to educate, help and support the local communities. "We have historic opportunity to connect billions of people worldwide for the first time" Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg  said. "We should work together to make that happen now".

These are philanthropic missions of course, nonetheless these moves could bring millions of new users for these two major companies.

Source: Project Loon,

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