King Bee Inspecting His Drones?

Van Mensvoort
February 23rd 2016

Our peculiar image of the week could have been a still from a dystopian sci-fi movie, in which a totalitarian leader imprisoned humankind in a virtual beehive where the thoughts and feelings of individual humans are fully regulated. Except this is not fiction, but a photo from Facebook boss Mark Zuckerberg presenting his VR technology at the Mobile World Congress, in Barcelona.

Unsurprisingly the image was immediately mocked as people spotted its inherent creepiness, and combined it with the iconic Apple advertisement set in a similar-looking dystopian future.

zuckerberg mockingZuckerberg's unfortunate picture reminds that, before embracing Virtual Reality entirely, we need to have a conversation on who is controlling the VR stage and to whose benefit.

Image via Facebook

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