If We Could See Across the Ocean

Margherita Olivo
April 13th 2016

Ever wondered what there is on the other side when you look at the ocean? Thanks to these maps it is now possible to know what point of the Earth you are actually facing when you look at the ocean horizon.

They were created by cartographer Andy Woodruff with this peculiarity: they don't take into account lines of latitude. "The latitude maps got me interested in answering the question more strictly: standing on a given point and facing perpendicular to the coast, if you went straight ahead, never turning, where would you end up? There are two reasons why following a line of latitude won't answer the question" he writes on his blog"1. Coastlines are crooked and wacky. 2. The Earth is round". 

antartica horizon map beach view australia horizon north america map horizon asia horizon map africa horizon map south american horizon map


Source and Images: Andy Woodruff

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