What’s Flying There? Coloring Book

May 24th 2016

Drones are controversial, they are either seen as killing machines or as the next pizza delivery guy. There is not much room for imagination in between. This new species has a great potential that needs to be discussed. Today we launched What’s Flying There?, a coloring book that opens up new perspectives for drones applications in the human habitat.

The book tells the story of Avi, a cute little bird that lives in a war zone and is hunted down by military drones. One day, a new friend helps her escape to a place where drones do good things, like farming the land and fighting diseases. Here's a peek at some of the good drones:

Can you invent a good drone youself?
Send your drawing to drones@nextnature.net or post it online with the hashtag #whatsflyingthere. Entries can be send until the 30th of June. In the first week of July we will announce the winner, who will receive a drone of its own!

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