Drone Contest Winner: VR Drone for Elderly

July 8th 2016

The lucky winner of our What’s Flying There? contest is Jiska, Dutch 10-year-old girl who imagined a virtual reality drone for the elderly and won an actual drone for herself. Among the submissions there was a great variety of ideas that should not go unmentioned: love drone, cleaning & recycling drone, guide drone for blind people, police drone, and many other good concepts! The drawings have been evaluated and rated on originality, positivity, necessity and drawing skills.

We talked to Jiska who explained us that, after getting the Drones Coloring Book, she started brainstorming with her mother (as she learned in school how to do this) on future drones. The inspiration for the idea came from her great grandmother, who due to bad mobility had experienced difficulties leaving the house. The VR drone for elderly is especially for old people who are no longer mobile. Thanks to the drone and a pair of VR goggles connected to it, they can visit the places where they used to go. The drone will travel to locations that have a special place in their hearts and transmit the images to the VR headset.

Jiska thinks drones are cool, she imagines a sky full of drones, especially when she will receive her newly won drone. Her brother and her cannot wait to play with it. Jiska's favorite drone from the coloring book is the WiFi drone, that spreads its signal as bees spread their pollen grains.

Are you curious about the What’s Flying There? coloring book and want to join us drawing? Then visit the project page and learn more.

Congratulations to the winner and many thanks to the other participants!

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