Koert van Mensvoort on Meat the Future

October 11th 2016

To make a hamburger of 200 grams you need: three kilograms of grain and forage, 200 liters of water for land irrigation and livestock drinking, seven square meters for grazing and cultivating feed crops and 1.093 kilojoule of fossil energy to grow and transport feed (enough to power your microwave for 18 minutes). Keeping in mind the continuous growth of the world’s population, we need to find alternatives to the traditional meat production. One of them could be in vitro meat.

Our Meat the Future project, with the namesake exhibition at Cube Design Museum in Kerkrade, explores the possibilities of producing cultured meat on a global scale. During this year Dutch Design Week, Next Nature Network director Koert van Mensvoort was invited on behalf of Cube Museum to speak about in vitro recipes developed together with a team of cooks, designers, engineers and artists. Admission is free, you can secure a spot making a reservation.

The event takes place on Tuesday October 25, 2016 at Natlab in Eindhoven, as part of a lecture series focused on the topic of design thinking. Meet us there and join the debate!

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