The First Artificial Intelligent Lawyer

Mathilde Nakken
October 9th 2016

When you think about the lawyer profession you expect men reading cases and researching law books day and night. Well, there is an artificial intelligent robot called ROSS that is taking over the work of thousands of lawyers. Working non-stop, reading faster then any human attorney can do.

ROSS is a legal research tool, or a full time employee, able to search through all possible legal data. It gets smarter each time it is used, by receiving feedback on the quality of its own search results. But most importantly, ROSS understand the human language. You can ask him a question like you would do with a colleague and it gives you a well written answers in return. Though the development of ROSS only started in 2014, today multiple companies are already working with ROSS.

When we speak about automation taking over jobs, we are temped to think only about lower class jobs, like welders in the car industry or help desk employees. With solutions like ROSS, also the higher class jobs are at stake. Legal technology is a field in which new solutions are rapidly repressed to automate the whole sector. For example, for the second time this year the Legal Tech Startup Adwards will be given to developers in this field. The practice itself will not disappear soon, defending a person in a lawsuit and preparing a case with a client are such human actions that cannot be replaced by a machine, just like violating the law is a very human thing.

Source: The New Scientist. Image: World News India

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