Welcome to Chanel Data Center

Mathilde Nakken
October 15th 2016

Two robots opened the show of Chanel during the Paris Fashion Week of 2017. Well robots, two models dressed up like humanoid robots. Is Chanel going next nature?


"The robot - that is my idea of putting the most iconic jacket of the show on a creature of an unknown future that means Chanel is timeless and immortal" said Karl Lagerfeld after the show.

The runway took place at the Grand Palais Paris. An iconic piece of architecture build in 1897, showing innovative ways of building and exposing new forms of arts and crafts of that time. In this occasion the Grand Palais has been used as the setting of a super computer, the Chanel Data Centre. Colored wires and stacked servers were the scene of the catwalk, all placed on a white shinny floor.

''Technology rules the world, because it changed the world and it made many things easier'', Carl Lagerfield stated.


Therefore, the models were wearing bags with integrated LED lights, woven fabrics which resembled circuit boards and modern printed textiles with bright colors and laser beams. Lagerfield explained his designs as follow: ''It is not technology in a code way. It is intimate technology. Something armed for the outside world and something much more refined for the private world".


Luckily, at Next Nature we are very familiar with Intimate Technology. So mister Lagerfield, if you are still looking for some inspiration on Intimate Technology for your next collection, you can always contact us!

Source: Chanel

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