Next Nature Habitat VR Preview
November 1st 2016

If the natural habitat of the polar bear is the Arctic and the natural habitat of the scorpion is the desert, then what about humans? What is our natural habitat? As a species, we need to discover what does it mean to live in a world where biology and technology are merging, and ask ourselves what exactly is natural in our environment. We invite you to step inside our Next Nature Habitat virtual reality experience during VR Days Europe 2016 and see what is like to live in a next nature.

We created four scenarios – Garden of Eden, Hypernatural Resort, Modernist Dream, Techno Favela – each one will show you different versions of future worlds. Will machines take over? Or will we go back to living like our ancestors, in harmony with nature and gathering to survive? And what if we live in a completely simulated reality, could we survive in such a world? If you are in Amsterdam on November 4 and 5, join us at VR Days Europe 2016 and let us know in which next natural habitat would you like to live.

We invite you to step inside our Next Nature Habitat during VR days Europe 2016, and experience what it means to live in Next Nature.

Cover image: Hypernatural Resort

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