The Scandinavian Winds Power Your Internet

Alejandro Alvarez
November 2nd 2016

“Googling” is so easy and straightforward that seems to be an activity that won’t cause any impact on the environment. Unfortunately it does, from the manufacture and shipping of computers to the powering and cooling of the servers, huge amounts of resources and energy are consumed. According to every Google search accounts for 0.2 to 0.7 grams of carbon emissions and every e-mail equals to four grams of CO2.

Google is aware of that and since 2007 they have been carbon-neutral, but now they took a step further to be environment-friendly. They recently settled an agreement with OX2, a Swedish renewable energy company working on the development of a new wind power project in the north of Sweden. This collaboration sums up to six previous wind power deals in Europe made by the Internet giant, reinforcing our position as the world’s largest corporate renewable buyer.

We may be still far away from pollution-free Internet browsing, but at least the next time you send an e-mail you can feel relief at the thought that the strong arctic winds of Scandinavia are keeping the Google servers cool and running.

Source: Aquila. Image: Inhabitat

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