The Interactive Supermarket

Ruben Baart
December 17th 2016

Coop Italia, one of Italy’s largest grocery chains, has opened a flagship store in Milan to present their vision of what grocery shopping might hold for us in 2050. Dubbed ‘The Supermarket of the Future,’ the Italian retailer unveiled an interactive, 10.800-square-foot grocery store with over 6.000 products, powered up with over 250 Kinect devices, to explore how digital technologies can change our interactions with food.


The interactive supermarket transforms the customer experience with digital tools to make shopping more relevant and fun. Think about robots, sensors, interactive screens, and apps to get a hyper-personalized experience. Say goodbye to grocery lists, as a mobile app identifies products that are compatible with your lifestyle needs. Augmented labels and smart shelves tell us about the product’s nutritional value, allergens, and carbon footprint, and digital displays share real-time information on promotions, bestsellers and more.


This is not the first augmented supermarket. Called E-Marts, South Korean subway stations turned into augmented reality supermarkets in 2011, and Yihaodian, China's largest food e-commerce retailer, announced their first interactive shops in 2013. It will be a matter of time before we do our grocery shopping in the shower or on the highway. One thing is for sure, the future of retail lies in augmented reality.

Source: Microsoft

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