Facial Recognition Replaces Passports

Ruben Baart
January 31st 2017

Australian airports start moving towards a “contactless” system for arrivals. The goal is to have 90% of the travelers handled automatically by 2020, with no human involvement at all. Instead of showing their passports to a security officer, incoming passengers will be processed by biometrical technology.

The Department of Immigration and Border Protection will introduce the self-processing system later this year. The automated model follows up a successful self-service passport facility Australia introduced in 2014. The so-called SmartGates allow travellers from Singapore to use a passport-processing option at eight major gateways in the country. Similar to SmartGates, the department of Immigration wants to trial the technology in July at Canberra airport, which handles limited flights to New Zealand and Singapore, before introducing it in a major airport in November.

Reportedly, the automated system provides a faster procedure and enables the Australian Border Force "to meet the challenges of increasing traveller numbers while maintaining the security of our border”, according to a spokeswoman. The operation is intended to be completed in March 2019.

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Source: The Guardian

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