The Global Subway Map of the Future

Ruben Baart
January 23rd 2017

In 2003, broadcaster and author Mark Ovenden designed the World Metro Map to present a global transportation system that connects cities through underground railways. His vision could end up becoming reality after all, now that LA-based company Hyperloop One has selected 35 teams as finalists in its global challenge to design the future of the vacuum-sealed train system.

“It’s more than just a train, or a pod in a tube” said Josh Giegel, Hyperloop One’s president of engineering. “We’re taking it to a level of connectivity and really being the high-speed backbone of the future transportation network”.

The current plan is to build three regional routes over the next five years. After that, the Hyperloop One aims to connect all constructions and build a giant network, similar to Ovenden's vision. Needless to say the map may not be completely accurate, it’s already envisioning an intercontinental transit network that holds the potential to reshape the global economy. In short, the hyperloop will turn the world into a global village.

Source: Inverse. Image: Mark Ovenden

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