Toilet Paper for Your Smartphone

Ruben Baart
January 9th 2017

Usually when you cross the border or when your flight lands, you'll receive a welcoming text message that informs you about roaming charges, and maybe sends you a code to get free WiFi access. If you are planning to travel to Tokyo's Narita International Airport anytime soon, expect to find this information on a roll of tiny toilet paper that you can simultaneously use to disinfect your phone.

The dispensers are installed in 86 toilet cubicles at the airport's arrival terminal, where they will remain until March 2017. The brainchild behind the quirky wipes is Japanese telecom company NTT Docomo, who said: “The service was a response to findings that smartphone screens have been found to carry more than five times the amount of germs of a toilet seat”. Conveniently, the sheets also include information about the firm's public WiFi networks as well as details about its smartphone travel app.

The country is known for its high hygiene standards and its hi-tech toilets, think about heated seats and jets of warm water and air. Some toilets are even equipped with sensors that automatically ascend for a man to urinate, and in some women’s public lavatories users can have assistance from the sound princess, a gadget designed to mask the sound of women's business. Welcome to Japan!

Source: Telegraph. Image: Docomo

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