Fighting Plastic Waste Together
February 15th 2017

Last year we handed our annual ECO Coin Award to Dutch designer Dave Hakkens for his outstanding contribution in fighting plastic waste with the Precious Plastic movement. His work caused a wave of enthusiasm around the world and has been growing ever since. After four years since Hakkens launched his first version of the recycling machines, it is time for an upgrade and you can help him achieve that goal.

As part of the new version, Hakkens will create a collection of objects and teach people how to make these using video tutorials. Besides that, he will strengthen his digital platform to enhance local communication and provide starter kits "to make machine-building as easy as pie". But that's not all, Hakkens will develop an open source business model, so that people can make use of plastic waste to make a living. According to his vision, the Precious Plastic movement will "change our perception of plastic: from disposable to valuable".

Reasons enough to join the movement and help empower people around the world to start recycling plastic locally. You can either contribute by making a donation or sharing your skills to develop the upgraded version, this will make it possible to deliver the new machines to everyone for free. Recycling plastic has never been so fun, or as Hakkens puts it "this new version will make plastic recycling go bananas".

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