Space Television Network

Julie Reindl
February 17th 2017

Always on the search for the better, for the unseen, humanity is steadily coming up with ideas to broaden its horizons. Literally. TV network Sen is creating a space television to broadcast images of space objects, robotic missions and explorations.

After we became global citizens, Sen promises to turn us into a interplanetary species with a new form of entertainment around Earth, the Moon and Mars. Almost everything on our planet seems to have been explored by now, as a result off-world activities grow to become common interest. Likewise, in 2016 NASA introduced its virtual reality experience to let us explore the surface of Mars.

A few decades ago, outer space used to be a almost blank page, leaving a gap for imagination with results in both amazement and anxiety. A number of apocalyptic movies picture a dazzling and uncanny vision of space and universe. As our evolutionary stage won’t allow us to physically travel into the cosmos at least not yet and if yes, just for a insignificant amount of selected people, Sen's vision is to let us get used to the view of our possible future homes, change our mindsets about it and see outer space as a local place.

Thinking about the huge amount of information we consume daily, by trying to keep up with the latest happenings in the world, observing the surface of Mars might indeed be a zen way of watching television.

Source: Sen

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