The Self-Flying Taxi Drone

Ruben Baart
February 18th 2017

Welcome to the future of self-flying taxi drones, as if self-driving cars weren’t good enough. Chinese drone developer EHang will launch its first passenger-carrying drones this summer in Dubai, which is striving to become the world’s first city to allow such vehicles.

Meet the self-flying drone taxi in DubaiThe 184 drone cab model will hit airspace for the first time during the World Government Summit in July later this year. According to the company’s website, the small aircraft is able to carry one person and a small suitcase for a total weight of 117 kilograms and it can fly for half an hour at a peak altitude of 3.5 kilometers. That’s right, no backup pilot. Without joysticks, levers or buttons to press, the passenger is fully dependent on the technology. Simply hop on, select your destination on a touchscreen pad and enjoy the flight. Would you take a trip with this machine?

Source: Caixin

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